An Ode to Chocolate

Ever since I moved here I’ve been in a serious relationship with chocolate – I religiously consume two squares of chocolate a day, which is more frequent the number of times I call home hehe oops. The selection here is irresistible – I’m compelled to browse the chocolate aisle of my nearby Edeka whenever I grocery shop and inevitably end up picking my flavour-of-the-week.

Cheapskate me never really goes for the Expensive Chocolate because I’m happy with my Milkas and Ritter Sports and Leibniz Butterkekse. Even Lindt is too expensive for regular consumption. But somehow or another, recent events have conspired to overload my fridge and I now have a grand total of FOUR different types of chocolate in my possession. My lowly Ritter Sport Halbbitter (on sale at 0,69 Euros!!) now pales in comparison with my new darlings ❤

1. Gü


Really liking that IKEA-aesthetic!

I have Gü!!

Long story short I signed up to kick a ball around in an effort to be healthy, but because I’m a doofus and 24h time is confusing, I appeared two hours late, with just enough time to touch the ball once and promptly kick it out of bounds. I figured this was fate’s way of telling me being healthy was never meant to be, so I went to Kaiser’s and bought myself chips and Gü.


“Schoko und Vanille Cheesecake im Glas”

Okay so admittedly I was attracted to the glass jars (which are now used to hold my nail polish and jewellery btw), but it’s always a good time to TREAT YOSELF.

2. Fassbender & Rausch


“Fassbender? As in Michael Fassbender? As in too-attractive Mr. Rochester Michael Fassbender?” Sadly no.

Such a fancy-pants name is bound to sell some fancy-pants chocolate and I have a certain Asian-alLY to thank for these super cute mini-Rausch bars.


planning to eat my way from 35% to 75% Kakao

On our way to Thai food, she happened to mention that the very store in front of the U-Bahnhof was a well-known chocolatier. Of course we had to go in and buy! all! the! chocolate! Okay not really, we just bought little tester packs because cute and because all the flavours sound gorgeous and you can’t just pick one, can you?


Like mini Ritter Sport, but fancier

Other than chocolate bars and chocolate products, they also display chocolate sculptures of the Titanic, Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor. Definitely worth a browse if you’re around Stadtmitte.

3. Love Lindor


“you mean you won free chocolates because you were hungry at night?” – my Mexican housemate

The best things in life are free and Lindt is no exception! I was mucking about on the internet past midnight, searching for cookie recipes on German blogs, and came across a Love Lindor giveaway on a blog that’s all about plus-sized fashion and lifestyle.

DSCF3713Turns out I am randomly lucky and Lindt just delivered the Love Lindor packet today!!


Unreasonably excited to the point that I took a break from Foucault to take pictures

Many thanks to the blog for making me the chosen one and many thanks to Lindt for treating little ol’ me. I’m sure I deserve it, and free things are meant to be shared, so my housemates and classmates benefit too.


“Love Lindor” is quite the narcissistic name but hey free chocolates, can’t complain.

Life of a Chocomaniac

I’m not even going to think about the calories I’m ingesting from this chocolate overload, but hey, it’s winter. I’ll definitely need the extra insulation. My summer body can wait till summer. Or never.

Note to all my real-life friends: visit me and I will stuff you with goodness hehehe you’re not leaving without a treat from me. Here’s to more chocolate adventures!

Mit schokoladigen Grüßen, (Lindt’s words not mine)

Sofa Schoko Maus


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