Japan 2015: Touristy Hakone

We chose the wrong day to explore Hakone – the photos turned out to be 80% mist and 20% actual substance. Even though we didn’t get to see Mount Fuji and barely made it through all the places of interest, it’s still a pretty place. The shrine is worth a visit and will get you pregnant, or so I heard after the trip!
IMG_6343This is what I mean by 80% mist.

IMG_6333The Hakone Ropeway/glorified cablecar travelled through mist – we could barely see two metres ahead of us. Ironically, it stopped in the middle of the mist and the intercom announced that if we would look to the left, we would see Mt Fuji. Had half a mind to photoshop Mount Fuji in this photograph!

IMG_6336Look down for sulphuric hot springs. Lovely. Sulphur smells great and deters snakes. Great stuff.


Reached Owakudani and had to have the black eggs! Turns out there’s a limit to the number of eggs you can eat and the number of years your life can be prolonged.

IMG_6372From then on, there’s a pirate ship cruise around Lake Ashi that brings you to the shrine. Tacky, but there wasn’t time to walk around the lake.

IMG_6554Hello, friendly pirate. It feels like Disneyland – he very eagerly struck a pose when I asked for a picture.

IMG_6428IMG_6443If I had known it was a fertility shrine I would have been less eager to explore, but since I had no clue, everything felt like Meiji-jingu painted red.

IMG_6463Ah, the obligatory tourist shot. It’s so calm and peaceful that I can imagine myself sitting by the water’s edge, looking at the world through the red gateway, praying for fertility.

IMG_6479I like this photo! The mum didn’t charge the camera so all photos are #iPhoneonly, which is really sad because how can you go sightseeing without a good camera!!!

IMG_6489Life in Moto-hakone (I believe that’s the name) seems really chill and relaxed. This guy was reeling in the day’s catch.

IMG_6502If you like suffering in the cold and physical exertion, you can rent a boat. Alternatively, pay more for someone to row the boat for you. Would be romantic if it wasn’t five degrees outside.

IMG_6546Goodbye Hakone! I liked you, but the weather was terrible so my experience could have been better. The rain and mist really kills your mood, y’know.


One comment

  1. Yuna · July 28, 2015

    It was misty too during my friends and I trip to Hakone, but I agree with you, it was still beautiful. 🙂 ❤


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