Japan 2015: Hakone Part 1

It’s been ages since I’ve posted because I’m so incredibly lazy to compress and edit photos BUT I did say that I want to get everything posted before travelling to Taiwan!

Hakone – beautiful place, awful weather and way too many people in April. It’s a tourist hotspot (HA because of the hot springs) and the Mum and I enjoyed the less crowded stuff more than the touristy ropeway/ship/shrine combo.

Can I stay in a ryokan every time we travel to Japan please? There’s something so comfortable about sleeping on the floor and in-house hot baths are perfect before bed.

DSCF4359And can we talk about how pampered you are OMG I love ten course breakfasts and dinners. We stayed in a less expensive hotel so the food was a lot simpler, but there were some truly amazing dishes (more in my food post later hehe).

IMG_6264Loving these TOILET slippers too. I was so tempted to bring them back!

IMG_6292Our first stop was the Hakone Open Air Museum, courtesy of Millie’s recommendation. It drizzled on and off but I loved the simplicity and experiential nature of the museum. Some of the sculptures are like -what- I don’t get it, but some are so strange that they’re amazing. 
IMG_6303Sorry, pretentious shot.
IMG_6309Oh look, it’s a Picasso gallery. You get the sense of how prolific Picasso was. He’s the sort of guy who makes pottery pieces deep into the night, who wakes up at odd hours of the morning to do a little sketch, who dabbles in every art form that existed during his time. Not everything is good and Hakone’s collection mostly consists of the less well-known art pieces, but Picasso is a true artist. He’s always creating, experimenting, making.

IMG_6300This statue is me during exams. 我问天,我问天

IMG_6302This one is positioned so cunningly. You turn a corner and suddenly BAM there’s a bronze figure lying face down on the ground. Unsettling, but cool.

IMG_6321Goodbye Hakone Open Air Museum! It’s so worth it – really one of the most unique museums I’ve been to and lets you learn to appreciate art in a fun way.

Next up: Hakone Part 2. We become tourists, visit a pregnancy shrine and see Mt Fuji.


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