Malacca 2015

-insert short musical interlude here-

I got a little bored of Japan and a few people I asked were dead tired of sakura, so here’s a little post on my trip to Malacca earlier this year. I’ve been there way too many times – it’s everyone’s default stop on the way back for KL – and it’s not my favourite place because I got bedbug bites during my last visit. Nasty. I’ve always found the night market rather nostalgic, but during the day, it’s too hot to deal with.

Didn’t bring a camera so all photos are taken with my phone, which doesn’t have the best quality!!

IMG_5460Hi I flew there. This looks like an airplane window photo no??? Took it when we were all jammed up crossing the causeway.

IMG_5463The reason why we went there was because the Parents signed up for this Skyhawk Nature Run, but the Pa couldn’t make it. And so I tagged along, but instead of running, I had an extended breakfast and sat around reading Tolstoy. Funstuff.

IMG_5481Drying herbs? Flowers? Leaves?

IMG_5487Meet Mr Universe/Asia/Malaysia/Melaka/Bombastic. I’ve always wondered how this guy looks like in person.

IMG_5490Tried to take an artsy shot and failed. But this Aik Cheong coffee is everywhere in Malacca.

IMG_5499After walking around the whole day with no interest in doing what tourists do, we ended up in…a shopping mall. For the air conditioning. And I ate some herbal jelly – I remember eating it as a child and somehow it is strangely tasty.


IMG_5511As night falls, it’s thankfully a lot cooler and the night market comes to life. It operates every Friday and Saturday.

IMG_5506Haven’t seen a muah chee seller in ages. I quite like the night market – it’s full of the dying trades. The stall next door sells clogs! And the street hawkers’ food is oily, but good and hearty.

IMG_5508I have a terrible history with street food though. So susceptible to food poisoning.

IMG_5512Mom and pop shops. I like how Malacca is translated to 马六甲 (HAHA Horse 6A???)

IMG_5517Is this new or did I only realise it was there on this trip?

IMG_5520Highlight of the day: Frozen-themed trishaws.

I’ll be back with Shinjuku Gyōen! Been terribly busy juggling work/social life/settling my future, but next week is going to be exciting. Sealing my future and Italian food on Tuesday, visiting the new heritage centre on Wednesday (so fun!!) and off to the Philippines for a work trip from Thursday to Saturday. Exciting things coming!!!


One comment

  1. A.A · May 10, 2015

    马六甲 in Cantonese sounds exactly like Malacca (。・ω・。)ノ


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