Japan 2015: Ueno

Ueno! Home to a giant park, so many museums I didn’t have time for, a zoo and LOTS OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS. It was really one of the best days – pretty pink sakura against a gloriously clear blue sky.


Snapped this as we were walking into the park (can you feel my excitement omg pink things coming up)


10000000 tourists in the park I swear it’s as if the entirety of Tokyo descended on the park at the same time. This is the pinkest tree in the park! Couldn’t get a nice picture because the crowd was surging forward and I didn’t have time to compose a proper shot.


Para para sakura ft. insanely pretty sky.


We were going to have a picnic (HANAMI), but it seems as if everyone else had the same idea too! These blue mats are 108 yen at Daiso, which is ridiculously cheap. Daiso also sells smaller mats with exciting patterns, but I’ve noticed that most people just use the mats once and throw them away so there’s really no point in getting a super nice mat.


Cheapskate queens: Bento and bananas from a convenience store in Ueno station. (ALSO FEATURING part of my sakura nail :D)


Grandpas are dead cute – they brought rice wine along and were cheerfully turning redder and redder. And it was only 3pm in the afternoon.



Pale pink sakura vs hot pink sakura

DSCF4188DSCF4193GO HERE: The National Museum of History and Science. I felt that their exhibits were generally quite tourist friendly, with information touch screens in English. It’s not the most interactive of museums, but there are some truly creepy wax figures of human ancestors.

IMG_6240And it has this.

DSCF4202And a ceiling which I didn’t do justice to.

IMG_6243TL;DR I went to the Natural Museum of History and Science and it was gneiss. Bad pun aside, it’s v worth it! Adult admission is something like 150 yen (less if you have a discount coupon) and students go in for free.


Left the museum to a pretty sunlight!


And some very innovative Japanese people. Bonus points for using a curly white wig to represent beer foam.


Seriously, only the Japanese are that creative. It was around 5+, but office workers were already busy setting up for the party later.

DSCF4249Ueno and a few other parks have a light up during cherry blossom season, which means lanterns! And hanami parties into the wee hours of the morning.

DSCF4246Reminded me of our Christmas light ups – each lantern is sponsored by local companies (上野 = Ueno). Some companies sponsor more lanterns, some only have one bearing its name, but the mum and I had quite a lot of fun guessing what each company sells.


/shameless picture of my boots/ It was barely the start of sakura season and the ground was already littered with fallen petals. We were so lucky to be there at the right time, especially since these notoriously finicky flowers only bloom for 2-3 weeks. Crossing this off my bucket list, hurrah!


Goodbye Ueno, you were lovely ❤

Next up: More sakura! This time in Shinjuku Gyoen, where we ran into a bunch of K-Pop idols (no, really) and didn’t recognise them (and still don’t recognise them???)


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