Japan 2015: Tsukiji

4.30am should be early enough to catch all the action right? Nope, especially not during sakura season. The tuna auction slots were all taken by 3 and queues for the two major sushi shops were insane. Insane meaning we’d have to queue for 8h to get a seat.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Thankfully, there’s still the outer market!


Beans of all kinds.


There’s still quite a lot of fish in the outer market – caught sight of this dude cutting up the fish and it was fairly bloody, but not as gross as what I saw ~later~


CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS IS. I turned a corner and came face to face with this monstrosity.


Apparently the outer market is known for selling extremely sharp knives and not-as-sharp plates.


Aren’t they furry? Saw a box of them in the outer market and they looked absolutely delish.


& here are pickles that I wouldn’t eat.


My dream car


Totally wouldn’t mind being this guy for a day though.


Because we tourists are pesky creatures, we’re technically not allowed to enter the wholesale market until 9, and I might have known about that rule before we visited the market, but we snuck in around 7 and managed to stay undetected for about half an hour. This is how the wholesale market looks like!!!


It’s really gory. I need to grab the vid from the Mum, but we witnessed this bloodbath: the fishmonger was slicing bits of the fish, much like in the picture above. When he was done, he held the fish up by its tail and all the blood came gushing out of the fish’s mouth. So fascinating but so gross?


All the seafood is mega fresh and I hardly recognise any of the fish #citykid



Immense craving for all things seafood afterwards. Although it was quite disturbing – most of the seafood is so fresh that it’s still alive, so you have fish desperately flopping for freedom and squid still wriggling around and crabs still trying to escape from the tanks.



Does anyone know what the green stuff inside the prawn is. These looked disturbingly see-through and no, I do not want to see prawn innards.


Lobsters with salt and lemon? The lobsters were huge – actually everything was double the size you normally see in restaurants. And a whole lot cheaper.



I was battling low battery the whole morning and when the battery finally ran out, we were caught by the security guard and asked to leave D: Oh well, we had a good time while it lasted. And at least it was a rather opportune time.


Snapped this on the way out! 1000000 styrofoam boxes LIKE WOW way to save the environment.

tsukiji gif

For an idea of how busy it is 😀 Would I go there again? Probably not until they’ve moved – if you’re going to Japan you should definitely catch them before the new market opens. Hopefully the new market will be bigger and more tourist-friendly, but not any less authentic.

Next up: Tsukiji –> Ueno! Equally busy for an entirely different reason + cherry blossoms + good weather


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