Japan 2015: Harajuku and Shibuya

Harajuku and Shibuya are notorious youth hangouts known for their vibrancy. Except when it’s raining. We went to Harajuku in the morning: squeezed with teenagers in knee-high socks, queued at the two most famous crepe shops for a snack, browsed the Lolita offerings in the basement of Le Foret and I bought a CATholic school girl outfit. And some pretty shoes (◠﹏◠✿) Am I Japanese yet? DSCF3871 And then off to Yoyogi Park! And of course we had to be the dumb tourists who thought it was nearer to Yoyogi station than Harajuku and we had to walk the entire park to get to the shrine the food. DSCF3913 Meiji jingu! The sky was all sorts of terrible and it kept raining on and off. And taking photos was really tedious because everyone kept walking in front of my camera grrrrr. DSCF3909 There were not one, but TWO weddings at the shrine at the same time! Sneaked this picture of one of the wedding parties – technically, visitors aren’t allowed to take pictures of the ceremonial hall and actual shrine but if nobody’s looking… ‘Twas quite funny because this group of businessmen went to the inner shrine to make their prayers and they all looked very solemn and proper and Japanese, until some dude whipped out his phone for a picture and promptly got stopped by a security guard. IMG_6149 I stalked this couple for ages. Very shamelessly. I shall consider a career as a member of the paparazzi. It’s kool but also irks me that the bride is so much more elaborately dressed than the groom. HEY the groom needs warpaint and a fancy outfit too! DSCF3923 Two Chinese ladies embracing the Japanese Way of Life. IMG_6158 SPIRITed away. After the serious part of the park, it’s time for the FUN PART. Kinda a pity that we arrived just when the party ended, but pretty glad we missed the crowd. DSCF3926 DSCF3932 ALL MY BRETHREN. DSCF3931 Selfie-time with my fav subculture kids DSCF3936 DSCF3949 And of course you walk in and see the Goths/Lolitas/Gothic Lolitas having a picnic. Of course. IMG_6172 Pinkest sakura I found on that day. Colour is kinda strange on my phone :/ DSCF3933 I think this looks very Forrest Gump! DSCF3951 DSCF3954 We exited via the Shibuya gate and right outside, there are some food stalls for the hungry hanami humans. This is the view from the bridge. DSCF3960 It gets a little weird after crossing the bridge. There are all these tents set up, like a carnival, only with more moshing and smoking. DSCF3965 Hello street art.


Hello fellow hipsters. The rest of the place was too weird, not gonna go into details.


Walked all the way to Shibuya and caught the sun setting over a sakura tree.


&&&&&& Disney store on another day! Photo is awful but blame the people standing in front of me. Also when I crossed the street to take a pic, I realised there was this photobombing tree planted right in front of the store. Sigh. My life. Everything inside is so adorable it’s crazy and I was so tempted to BUY ALL THE DISNEY THINGS until I saw the queue.


My expression upon seeing the queue.


Oh hi Tinkerbell, my spirit animal. The Disney store is too cute man, if you don’t make it to Tokyo Disneyland, the store is probably worth a visit! And Shibuya is so central you have no excuse not to go. Especially with the promise of shopping -ahemShibuya109-

Next up: TSUKIJI. Missed the tuna auction but snuck into the wholesale fish market way before it was open to visitors. Hehe.


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