Japan 2015: Shinjuku

Hello young grasshoppers,

I’m more than a little apprehensive about starting a ~public~ blog but lazy to repeat my adventures + no way am I using facebook to document my travels so here’s my attempt to start a (hopefully) travel blog! Many thanks to Millie for her encouragement and I hope I’m coherent!

And be prepared for spam because this is the first of many Japan posts. I’m planning to dump all the food pics in one post, can’t wait to share them with you 😀

So it’s my first time in Tokyo and we stayed in Shinjuku, which turned out to be a v good choice because it’s incredibly central. The only problem is that the JR/Tokyo Metro/Odakyo/Keio lines all have different entrances and it can be terribly confusing. And we didn’t have wifi so all we had were a few maps.

By the time we reached our hotel, it was quite dark out, so we headed out for dinner and omg dazzled by the bright lights in the big city. Shinjuku is no Shibuya, but I love it.


Everything is fascinating to the inexperienced traveller.


This is a relatively tame but still sooper pretty side street. The Mum and I are so kool. We found kabukicho (Shinjuku’s red-light district) on the first day. HEHE. I really wanted to go in but had to settle for a picture, which I didn’t even get to check before she dragged me away. The picture turned out bad. Boo.


-Not- Shibuya crossing, but still mighty impressive. Our first experience with massive junctions and complicated crossing and we were so excited because we thought it was that famous junction. And we happened to get lost right after crossing.

Going to Tokyo during sakura season was AMAZEBALLS but it seems like everyone had the same idea. It was insanely crowded everyday and we pretty much had to squeeze with 1000000 people on the train, in the park, for the toilet…


And Shinjuku is where you can find two McDonalds’ 200m apart xD Every store in Japan was capitalising on cherry blossom season and Macs was offering some special sakura burger. Kinda wanted to try it, just for kicks, but nah I’d rather save my stomach for good Japanese food.


Hello cute old man in cute shop.


Happened across a shrine while searching for Ippudo Ramen (mum’s choice, not mine) and they hung up this little sign outside saying “please enjoy our cherry blossoms for free”. How nice are they??? I guess lotsa people would rather go to Meguro to see night light-ups, but this simple gesture is enough for me. Even though they only had four (?) trees, it was still unbelievably pretty!!!


Even better because we chanced upon it while we were lost.


And this marks the start of my love affair with cherry blossoms!


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